Portrait photo of Jonas Witt

Hi, my name is Jonas Witt.
I'm an experienced entrepreneur with a strong technical focus.

Here are some things I built and like:

Valsight An innovative software solution for simulation-based planning and financial modelling that is being successfully used by financial controlling leaders at Siemens Digital Factory, Swiss Post, AIDA Cruises and other companies. I co-founded Valsight and built its engineering team.

metaquark An Enterprise App Store and development platform for cross-platform mobile apps. I co-founded metaquark, which was successfully sold to Software AG in 2014.

FahrInfo A navigation app for public transit in Berlin, and one of the first apps in the Apple App Store, with downloads by over a million users. Apple aired a television ad for the iPhone in 2009 which highlighted FahrInfo on German TV. In 2011, eos.uptrade took over development of the app.

Research Way back, I did research on column-oriented in-memory databases at Hasso Plattner Institute and SAP for a project that later shipped as SAP HANA .

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